Ethiopia is about to celebrate her huge occasion beginning 12th September 2007, the day her new year begins. This coming one will not be celebrated like any other, neither will it only be a new year.

It will be a new millennium, the beginning of her 2000

Distinctly different from the rest of the world, Ethiopia follows its own calendar which is based on the Julian system which is roughly seven and half years behind the western Gregorian calendar.

This time occurrence will make Ethiopians look back to the ancient times of the country’s history, the beginning of the first millennium AD at which time much of its history began.

There we find Aksum, an ancient kingdom which was counted among one of the most powerful kingdoms of the world.

Aksum is thought to have owed its importance to its position. It was a rich and well organized society, technically and artistically advanced with its own government.

It was an era of an unparalleled coinage in bronze, silver and gold with extraordinary monuments being built.

Ethiopia, is one of the best-kept secrets of the world and wants to share this great and golden history of hers with the rest of the world on the occasion of her millennium, making it Africa’s first continental celebration.

There are huge preparations underway to celebrate this moment of history that Ethiopia brings forth its hospitality and rolls out its red carpet to her guests.

There will be many kinds of festivals that will add color to the year long celebrations, showcasing the peoples traditions, cultures, history, and hope for a better future.

Of course one may come to visit at anytime to see the famous ancient architectures, the wonderful history, the spectacular countryside, or the friendly people, but one will always leave with a hankering return. I have seen many people already surrender to it many times and I know they’ll be back for more.

But what makes this time special?

The country is expecting to have a series of year long festivities and celebrations featuring its diverse and amazing beauties. And it seems that the country is determined to invite its guests to be part of this “once in lifetime moment”.

Ethiopia has an indefinable atmosphere that begs deeper examination. The people, history, culture, scenery or where ever you turn in the country there is something you feel that runs deep. You will find yourself discovering something new and fascinating each time you visit Ethiopia.

Eskinder Hailu - Manager, Highway Tours

Eskinder Hailu
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