Ethiopia airlines airportsEthiopia is the land or wonders and enchantment. The country offers a spectacular variety of landscape.

Ethiopia is home to the famous Lucy, one of the oldest and most complete hominid, and the 4.4 million Ardi.

It is a land of breathtaking landscape and rock hewn churches and colorful festivals, river falls, lakes, endemic species, and so much more has it to offer.  Indeed, Ethiopia has a charm that is most infectious which makes people want to return.

Ethiopian airports and other infrastructure play a major role in the ever increasing number of visitors and in the country’s commitment towards improving its vision to be among the top ten tourist destinations.

The airline has built a number of airports near tourist sites and is upgrading the existing airports in a bid to attract more tourists from abroad and encourage domestic visitors.

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport
Addis Ababa Bole international airport is the international airport where you will land wherever abroad you are coming from. The airport it is located 8 km southeast of the center of capital at an elevation of 2325m above sea level. Addis Ababa is where you could  ideally start your trip to the rest of the country.

Bahirdar Airport
Bahirdar airport is an hour flight from Addis Ababa. There are at least three flights a day two in the morning and one in the evening.  Bahirdar is the basis to visit the monasteries of lake Tana and the famous Blue Nile Falls. Bahirdar is also a place where you can drive to Gonder and within 2hrs of relaxed trip you will be there.

Lalibela Airport
Lalibella airport is located 24 kilometers from lalibella town, at elevation of 1957mts above sea level having a reference temperature of 27 celcius.  You can take a direct flight from Addis, Gonder or Axum on daily basis. Experience the astonishing rock churches within an hour and half flight from Addis or just a half hour flight from Gonder or Axum.

Axum Airport
Axum airport is located 7 kilometers north east of Axum town at an elivation of 2100 mts above sea level with an average temperature of 26 celcius. You can take a direct flight from Addis, Gonder or Lalibela on daily basis.

Gonder Airport
The previous Gonder emperor tewodros airport (formerly) known as( Gonder Airport) located 18 kilometers southwest of Gonder city at an elevation of 1993.557m above mean sea level with ea. reference temperature of 27 celcius. You can take a direct flight from Addis, Lalibela or Axum on daily basis.

Arbaminch Airport
The airport is located 5 kilometers north east of arba minch town at an elevation of 1187-141m above mean sea level with an avarage temperature of 27 celcius. You can take a direct flight from Addis on daily basis.

Mekele Airport
Located 10 kms south of mekelle town the airport lies on and area 2265 meters above sea level. You can take a direct flight from Addis or Axum on daily basis.

Semera Airstrip
It is located near the center of Semera town the capital of Afar national regional state. It can serve as a basis to drive to the Danakil depression.

Diredawa Airport
Dire Dawa international airport is located 3km Northeast of Dire Dawa town at elevation of 1100 mt above mean sea level having an average temperature of 35 celcius. It is the basis to visit Harer, which also need to drive to for about an hour. There are three flights a day from Addis.

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