Ethiopia sunset photoWorking on Ethiopian tourism for the past 10 years, I often encounter generalizations by some, … people with all good intentions but not a good deal of knowledge about the country.

Ethiopia mentioned, then goes all the misery…. thanks to the mainstream media. But that shouldn’t have been the whole story and not the always fact either.

My applaud, however, goes to those who are not held back by those common misrepresentations of Ethiopia. I have a lot to say.. things that my dear reader deserves to know. After all who else can speak better.

We have a saying that goes “who was there so to tell ….”

Bear with me as I share with you some good tidings about my country. Not only me that is telling. There are few testimonials I quoted from people who I call brave. Brave to take a step regardless of the negative perceptions.

Why you come to Ethiopia anyway? A traveler Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia is a home for one of the most hospitable people on the planet. Well may be where humanity might have originated from. You see my witness, the famous Lucy, one of the oldest hominid to be found on earth. She is displayed at the national museum.

John Palmer an Australian came to Ethiopia in Oct 2014. A nice guy who helped us while the car was stuck few times on a trip to lower Omo. He had also seen the northern historic sites and simien mountains in his 19days visit.

John’s highlight was the people I guess. He said “… most of all some of the most wonderful and welcoming people on the planet.

  •  How about ancient history of the country, its age old churches, monuments etc.?

Roger Tubb visited Ethiopia in January 2016. He had been to many places and what he had to say about his trip?

Excellent holiday, we saw some amazing buildings, paintings and scenery and met some really nice and helpful people.

Hefin Salisbury visited the lower omo in Nov 2014. About his trip he said “It was like walking through the pages of the National Geographic.”

John continues “We believe it was one of the best holidays we have experienced. It had it all, Lost worlds, Fabulous archaeology, Magnificent Scenery, History by the bucketful, wonderful art and Tribal wonders.

Let’s see what Ethiopia is not

  • Ethiopia is not a huge yellow desert as some might think. No it is not. It is a land of dramatic landscapes and ranges of mountain summits, the simien of which 15 summits are more than 4000mts high.

Also the famous Danakil depression that drops to 120mts below sea level; the bale mountains which is the largest alpine habitat in Africa and so much more to discover.

  • Yes Ethiopia is not one of the big five. However, it is the place where you get 16 endemic mammals, more than 20 endemic birds of the 800 bird species. By the way the country is a home for tenth of the entire world bird species.

Michelle Le Blanc is a lovely lady who toured Ethiopia in 2015. She wrote this;

“We loved the whole trip but, for us, walking with the gelada monkeys in the Simien National park was truly special. We were also amazed by the Lalibela churches and had a fantastic trip on Lake Tana – we saw hippos, crocodile and many types of bird, including pelicans, kingfisher and fish eagles”

  • Ethiopia is not far…far away from where you live or anywhere in the world. The national flag carrier, Ethiopian airlines is the best and the largest in Africa.

Its extensive routes and flight networks to every continent which more than 40 in Africa, gives you a quick access to visit the country. For example it is max 7hrs flight from Heathrow or most airports of Europe.

Ethiopia has more world heritage sites than any other African country.

There are nine great sites that are listed on unesco world heritage site and few more are waiting for their approval. What are these wonders?

Lalibela – what is considered as the eighth wonder of the world.

Gonder – the medieval capital nicknamed the African Camelot.

Harer – a 600 yrs old walled town considered as the fourth holiest Islamic town after Macca; Medina and Jerusalem.

The Simien Mountains – that is called the roof of Africa.

Axum – 2000yrs old steles, well the tallest standing stele in the world.

Tiya – 700 year old stele site.

Konso landscapes –  a site of amazing terracing and soil preservation techniques.

The lower Omo and Awash anthropological sites are sites of early human fossils.

  • Yes, Ethiopia is not five star but..,

nice ethiopian viewHelen said of her trip in 2014   “Although my tent living conditions were not 5 star, the experience was.”

Helen, being solo traveler in the remote parts of Ethiopia was a bit nervous at first. She had a great trip experience that made it one of her lifetime.

Vincent Buxton visited both the northern historic circuit and the lower Omo in Jan 2013. He has some advice for the high-end only travelers.

“Go with an open mind; don’t expect French cuisine, German motorways, North American customer service or British Health and Safety standards.  Ethiopia is rich in rewards but a poor country at the same time.”

What is unique about Ethiopia?

  • Its official calendar
  • Its official time
  • Own alphabets and numbers
  • A country in Africa never been colonized and so so much more…

Do you have to worry about your safety in Ethiopia?
Perhaps Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in Africa, well one could say from many countries in the world. Why not hear from those who had the experience

“The people of Ethiopia are fantastic, never once did we feel threatened or unsafe.”

Christine Browning was here in Feb 2014, she has been almost everywhere and has more to say.

“Absolutely wonderful in every respect, and – bonus! – not a single day’s illness for either of us! Every single day was memorable, and virtually every day was exciting – for the right reasons, not scary reasons- and this being our 8th African country, we did wonder if we had already seen it all.”

How about food? Do you have to worry yet?
Well.. well, I promise you one thing whilst you stay in Ethiopia. The best and number one friend of yours will be Injera.

And don’t worry as it won’t be in scarce supply. It is plenty also healthy, gluten free, a ‘Super Food’. Really it is something that you like Ethiopia most about.

That is what Christine said “We loved everything about Ethiopia, including injeera, which we really miss!”

Hey it is here that you can find the best ever injera, the authentic one! 🙂  And I am your good host.

You are most welcomed!!!

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