• Less visited. You want go to a great place where few others ever been before or a place less visited. That place is Ethiopia. Tourism is now sprouting if not  booming. It is not yet a main stream destination for the usual tourist but for independent minded travelers, Ethiopia is a destination with a real sense of adventure.
  • Best Travel Destination. Ethiopia is little known as a travel destination or holiday or vacation spot often being associated with band aid. Or a huge yellow desert comes in many mind whenever Ethiopia is mentioned. But few have heard that Ethiopia has emerged as 2015th best travel destination of the world. The European tourism board have reasons when they voted for Ethiopia.
  • Independent. Ethiopian independence goes back 3000yrs which puts it in a virtual isolation from the rest of Africa. If there is a country in Africa that has never been under colony of Europe, then it is Ethiopia. Why does this matter for you, the traveler? Yes it is where you will find authentic culture and history of its own.
  • Safe. Ethiopia is safe in many aspects, it is safe to be a solo traveler or safe to walk at nights and safe to go in and out of banks unlike many African countries and safe at night clubs etc.
  • Hospitable. Ethiopians are genuinely hospitable. If you are lost or being a stranger, be sure that you will be offered even too much help. Lost in the street alleys, don’t be shy to ask for help. People are more than willing to help you.
  • Easy travel. It is not that difficult to come to Ethiopia especially if you are based in Europe. That is 7 hours of flight on average and if you are based in North America, you can get a direct flight from DC or Atlanta or Toronto even from Brazil all in a day. The national flag carrier, Ethiopian airlines, has direct flights to more than 90 destinations in the world.
  • Airport. Bole international Airport is also a hub for Africa and middle east flights that means there is a good chance to see Ethiopia while you are on a transit if you have at least a day or two.
  • Affordable destination. Ethiopia is affordable destination where you can find some descent hotels  for as cheap as $20 a night in Addis and in the main tourist destinations. Meals cost on average $5 at good restaurants. Bottled water is plenty and costs half a dollar per a litter. A bottle of beer also costs less than a dollar. That means you will never be thirsty:)
  • Cheap internal flights. Internal flights are cheap. You can get five flights for less than $200 dollars. This gives you a chance to cover the main tourist destinations such as Bahirdar, Gonder, Axum, Lalibela, Diredawa Harer, and Arbaminch.
  • Organizing your trip. You can organize your own dream trip if you don’t want to bother hiring a company. First thing to do is to have good information of the country. Bradt guide book or Lonely Planet editions help a lot. There are few street maps too that can help you sort out your trip but you know what helps most? the people.
  • Buses. Daily buses regularly go to many of tourist destinations that you can easily hop on. Few among them are Selam Bus, Sky Bus, Limalimo Bus, Post Bus all can be booked on daily basis. Be sure to book your thicket a day before.
  • Tours. Ethiopia offers plenty of options, everything you look for such as nature, wildlife, history, culture, adventure, birds, archeological etc tours. You love hiking or trekking? What is the best place for it than the Simien or Bale mountains? Both are endowed with a unique wildlife and bird species as well as a fantastic opportunity for trekking on a scenic landscape.
  • History. You might be more interested in history than other things. Ethiopia is the right choice then. It’s historical heritage goes as far back 3000years. The ancient ruins of Yeha (2.5BC) or stele of Axum are witnesses for what Ethiopia claims to be. Not just these, Ethiopia is a home for oldest per-historic and anthropological discoveries such as Lucy.
  • Culture. How about exotic tribal culture and people? Ethiopia is yet a home for more than 80 ethnic groups. The lower Omo has some of the world exotic tribes that have captured the medias’ attention.
  • Adventure. Are you adventure lover? How about the one and only permanent lava lake in the world? That is Erta-Ale situated in the middle of the Danakil Depression. And where is the Danakil Depression? Well it is in the middle of world’s biggest valley called the Great Rift Valley that you won’t miss it even from the space.

Happy Exploring!!!

Eskinder Hailu - Manager, Highway Tours

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