Imagine how boring life would be without fun…fun…those moments enjoyed with those closest to us, especially family. A vacation where lovers share romance, workaholics take a break and become rejuvenated and family members become closer to each other.

Family and fun are the most important parts in ones life

People need fun to be part of their life, to enjoy life.

We want work to be fun and enjoyment instead of a burden, we want to take a vacation and spend our leisure time relaxing or enjoying different activities. We want something different in a vacation that perhaps we don’t get in our everyday lives.

We need time to share our thoughts, dreams, desires, and feelings for a free, flowing and intimate relationship where nothing is hidden or restrained and where there is no fear or embarrassment.

A vacation often provides the relaxed setting where people feel a greater freedom to express themselves.

Some people lead lives thinking their jobs should take precedence over their families. That is sadly and all too frequently a mistake. Your family especially your spouse, should come first.

Getting your priorities in order

If you are too busy to spend time with your spouse and the rest of your family too, I think your priorities are out of order. You need to spend sometime rethinking your priorities and make a commitment to making some changes in your life.

Devoting time to family should be the major activity one should be engaged in. Some people sadly spend much of their life carrying their work home in a briefcase. This is definitely not a recipe for spending time with the family.

Family time may consist of time spent with parents or close friends, time spent in visits and vacations. It may mean time spent with small children, teenagers, or adults.

What better pleasure would there be for parents and children than taking timeout for a vacation. A time that leaves children with an unforgettable experience, young lovers filled with excitement and for some perhaps a rekindled relationship.

A family vacation is important because

  • It is a basic human need. People need to relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, to refresh and breathe a new air
  • It fosters love and relationships, builds bonds, mends broken friendships and brings families closer together
  • It rejuvenates oneself for better work, greater performance, relieves burdens and stress
  • It gives one a chance to experience other places, people, culture, food etc

This is the exciting part, an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a vacation, the restaurants, exotic foods, nature, scenic views, beautiful beaches, etc

We make time for the things and people we love

A lack of time should not be the excuse for not enjoying the benefits of a family vacation.

You should plan your weekends, summer, or winter to visit nearby or remote places. Or, to experience something different a new interest, some exotic foods, different cultures, to visit and talk with people who are outside your normal social circle.

Money should also not be an excuse for not planning your family vacation. What you need is just a little research to find that special deal, the vacation that fits your pocket and of course your interest. You may want to plan for short-stay vacations 2 to 3 days, instead of 7 days or 10 days instead of 14 days.

Start planning your family vacation today

G|ive quality time to yourself and to your family. Decide on the best time to spend and check for some practical tips and advice, but whatever else you do, take a vacation.

I guarantee you and your family will be rewarded with the joy and blessings that only a family vacation can bring.

Eskinder Hailu - Manager, Highway Tours

Eskinder Hailu
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